Das Universal Klarinetten Formetui

Neue Greenline Designs

Neue Essential Geigenkoffer

Cellotaschen in neuem Kleid

Proven design with a new core
Universal Clarinet Shaped Case

The universal insert allows to store and transport a wide variety of clarinet models safely. Suitable for Bb-, C-, D-and E-flat clarinets in Boehm and German.

Colorful eye-catcher
New Design

Three new color variants have been added to our popular Greenline series. Inspired by the beauty of nature. Available for violin, viola, alto and tenor saxophone.

Large color selection
Our most recent violin case

The youngest member of our Essential series impresses above all with its bright colors and a particularly attractive price.

On the move in style
Next Level cello bags

Monotonous cello bags are a thing of the past. Our latest vibrant models ensure that there's never a dull moment. Maximum protection and a wide range of colors are the hallmarks of these bags.